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Debate Essay

are humans dependant on computers

  • Computers have been around a long time, going back to the 20th century and is considered a machine that can carryout sequences of arithmetic or logical operation automatically via computer programming, Charles Babbage, an English mechanical engineer originated the concept of a programmable computer, and is considered the father of the computer.

  • I belived computers have evolved to the point that it have become part of our daily lives, we use it to connect on social media (face book, twitter, Instagram) to communicate via our cellphone,it drive our cars we use it to perform complex medical operation eg heart, brain and ct scan, from home security to satellite in the sky to artificial body parts.

  • With the recent development of AI(artificial intelligent), it will become more integrated into our society and apart of our identity, defining how we think and interact and communicate with each other, it does our job for us it the workplace from building cars and other computers to solving problems, when in the past we did it ourselves we think for our selves we solve problems ourselves and we interacted with each other, now we have the computers to do that for us, with the development unmanned drone it will, in time fight our wars for us.

  • It has in recent parts of Europe, with the recent advancement in computers science people has already began to be microchip in their hand and companies are developing micro computers for the human brain so they can solve certain medical conditions.

  • Through computers, robotics is making inroads into human evolution mimicking human behaviour and emotions and how we socialise, becoming smarter in the process, to the point,if it goes uncheck we will depend on it for own existance.

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